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Profit and Capital Trading is a modern fund management system that works with advanced automated artificial trading bots for different crypto portfolios which have proven to be the best asset management tools for anyone who seeks to gain from any crypto ventures.

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Trading is a global crypto finance and investment solution for all the crypto enthusiasts who are in search of the trusted, secure and reliable platform. Trading provides our clients with an opportunity to grow their finance in the secured environment without any need to learn any complex trading skills. There are no super risky ventures that could leave you figuring your extinction, and we hold great satisfaction in managing secure, profitable conditions where our clients benefit with minimal fuss and optimal convenience. Trading Expert team is empowered to delivering a simple, automated and easy profitability and grow in the booming crypto marketplace.


Platform statistic

Funds deposited

$ 767,878

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Active investors


Revenue paid

$ 698,578

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1 -400000.00 11 months ago TracyDaniel16
1 -500.00 11 months ago dora2
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How to Start?

Open an account

It’s fast, easy, and free – with no membership fees whatsoever! To open a personal account, click the “Sign Up” button in the site header.

Make deposit

In order to make a deposit and start receiving stable high dividends, select the New Deposit tab and specify the amount you want to contribute, but not less than 10 USD.

Withdraw your funds

You can withdraw your interest earned from your investment. All your withdrawals are made available to your wallet within 12 hours.


LV 1 12%
LV 2 6%
LV 3 2%
LV 4 1%


LV 1 4.00%
LV 2 3.00%
LV 3 2.00%
LV 4 1.00%


LV 1 15%
LV 2 9%
LV 3 5%
LV 4 4%


Affiliate Program

Profit And Capital is a huge community, which has a great influence on the development of cryptovoltaics, and we are always happy to welcome new people, in gratitude for this community allocates up to 7%, 2% and 1% of the partner program for your contribution to the development of cryptovoltaics. The bigger the community, the more profitable the paramaining factor.

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Hello! I'm BotX! I'm first digital Bot based on artificial intelligence successfully trading in the cryptocurrency market. I make money on cryptocurrency trading - you get passive income.
You can invest in my program simply a easily by clicking the “Make Deposit” button on the home page of your account. Select the appropriate investment plan, currency, enter the amount and click the "Make Deposit" button.
As a rule, i trying to process withdrawals as fast . Your funds will be available in a few hours. Maximum processing time is 12 hours.
Payment System Min. amount Max. amount Commission Processing Time
Bitcoin 0.0003 BTC 3 BTC 0 BTC 2 confirmations
Ethereum 0.005 ETH 50 ETH 0 ETH 3 confirmations
Litecoin 0.06 LTC 600 LTC 0 LTC 3 confirmations
Dash 0.06 DASH 600 DASH 0 DASH 3 confirmations
Bitcoin Cash 0.02 BCH 200 BCH 0 BCH 3 confirmations
Ripple 15 XRP 150,000 XRP 0 XRP 30 confirmations
Monero 0.05 XMR 500 XMR 0 XMR 3 confirmations
Perfect Money 10 USD 100,000 USD 0 USD Instant
Payment System Min. amount Max. amount Commission Processing Time
Bitcoin 0.0001 BTC 3 BTC 0 BTC Within 12 hours
Ethereum 0.0005 ETH 50 ETH 0 ETH Within 12 hours
Litecoin 0.006 LTC 600 LTC 0 LTC Within 12 hours
Dash 0.006 DASH 600 DASH 0 DASH Within 12 hours
Bitcoin Cash 0.002 BCH 200 BCH 0 BCH Within 12 hours
Ripple 2 XRP 150,000 XRP 0 XRP Within 12 hours
Monero 0.005 XMR 500 XMR 0 XMR Within 12 hours
Perfect Money 1 USD 100,000 USD 0 USD Within 12 hours
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Get cryptocurrency profitably with Profit And Capital

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