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40% hourly for 3 hours
50% hourly For 4 Hours
60% hourly For 5 Hours
70% hourly For 6 Hours

• 03 Sep 2022

Country Head jobs available

•Country Head jobs available in bit4usdt only that members can apply who have 10 active referrals salary will be 750$ monthly once you have 10 referrals you will auto see Job Apply button on your account page

• 01 Sep 2022

Withdraw Fee updated

• Minimum withdraw and wihdraw fee updated We use exchanges for automatic bitcoin and usdt transfer to your wallet they charge 6%

• 01 Sep 2022

Withdraw issue solved

•after update new plans many investors was getting bug of Withdraw issue , now its solved.

• 01 Sep 2022

all Trail plan users can withdraw

•all Trail plan users can withdraw one time from your account and if you want to withdraw more then one time you need to activate Business Expert plan

• 30 Aug 2022

50% Deposit bonus

•50% Deposit bonus, example you invest 100$ you will get 50% EXTRA you will get 50$ extra in deposit amount this offer only for 24 hours

• 29 Aug 2022

investment plans time changed.

•Due to fast rates changes in Bitcoin value our expert traders decide to change first 3 hourly plans to daily now anyone will earn daily profit which are joined first 3 plans and if you joined last 4 plans that's work same as before. These new rates are fixed for 6 months after 6 months will be setup new rates.

• 28 Aug 2022

Launched ATM Card

•Soon will be launched ATM Card for investors with this card anyone can deposit and withdraw through card from any ATM

• 28 Aug 2022